Gillian Board CRM5, MAR Clinical Reflexologist in Weston-super-Mare


I am trained to offer reflexology treatments on the feet or hands.

At the first appointment I carry out a treatment which includes the 13 body systems. This provides me with a comprehensive assessment of the current imbalanced reflexes and allows me to see which areas of the body may be linked. These outcomes alongside the information obtained from your health consultation, then form the plan for your next treatment. Meaning that each session is "bespoke", according to your individual ongoing needs rather than ‘one treatment routine fits all’.

If you are or believe you might be pregnant please advise of this at the time of making an appointment/enquiry, as this may mean customising the first treatment as well.

My charges:,
Due to the Covid-19 Virus, I have needed to buy extra Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other items in order to keep us all as safe as possible throughout. I am also having to devote more time to organise how I work. These costs are reflected in the higher fees (I will not however apply the intended annual price increase for 2020)

£43* for the initial treatment including comprehensive health consultation. This typically takes 90 minutes.

£38* for subsequent treatments (providing that your appointment has been within six months of your previous one. This does not include the period of Lockdown of course), typically take 45-60 minutes
(* pricing to be reviewed in April 2021).

I work mainly from my Clinic although I do offer appointments in Clients’ homes when disability or mobility prevents them attending the clinic (this may incur a higher fee because of travel time and mileage costs).

Covid-19 and the benefits of washing with soap and water

"Viruses are not living beings they are packets of RNA made up of nucleotides, sugar and phosphoric
acid molecules that need to insert themselves into host cells to reproduce. They protect their internal
RNA with a lipid bi-layer, this is a double layer of fat molecules. Alcohol from hand sanitiser for
example, breaks down fatty layers. Soap does the same but has an additional effect of lifting up the
molecules and washing them off as well. This is because soap has two ends to its molecule, one end
loves water, the other hates it. The water hating end inserts into the fat layer while the water loving
end lifts the dirt from the surface catching the dirt into soapy cages making it easy to remove. It does
not matter if the water is hot or cold so long as the soap is present, the soapy bubbles do all the hard
work" (AoR statement based on Unesco Guidance).

Informed Consent Agreement

I have introduced this agreement which I ask all Clients to sign before the first treatment. It ensures that you understand what changes I have put in place because of Covid-19 to minimise risk of infection.

Treatments and Charges. informed consent

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